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Music synced animation

2017-07-14 13:33:46 by Filarius

Now I'm working on procedural animation where things on screen are synced to music noted. Seems now I have music artist, and i'd like to find help from 2D drawing artists. I need background and few sprites for animations.



Videofy your data

2016-12-11 15:10:58 by Filarius

My "QR codes for video" software now have many new options!

Youtube support and colorfull mode right for epileptic people!

Feel free to check and make suggestions.

Videofy your data !

2016-11-17 14:02:47 by Filarius

1310267_147940946773_WXy6f80.png    1310267_147940960623_README.TXT.Videofy.mp4_20161117_220601.510.png

Its time to show you my another crazy small application I been working for last time.

This sotfware make video from any file you give to it, and can extract file from such video even if it was re-encoded or (what is same thing) uploaded to Youtube and downloaded back.

Currently its Proof-Of-Concept version, what means its just doing what it must to do, not more.

Pls read README.TXT and feel free to suggest ideas for improvements.

NG Chat Logger Personal

2016-10-14 12:35:26 by Filarius

After many requests and many days of doing nothing now I can show you logger for Newgrounds Chat (General).

Current version on NG Dump (change location, no?)

Check README.txt


Periscope recorder

2016-03-04 02:25:44 by Filarius

Another useless application I making here.

Its search for Periscope streams and record it. Had to re-encode because of stream nature.

Here is screenshots from recorded in this night.


NG music parser

2015-09-24 17:22:26 by Filarius

More then week working on remake of my last parser on NG Audio Portal for music player.

Today I got first result what show what system is working - single page parsed and look like it was in right way.

My Twitter

2015-09-24 15:44:18 by Filarius

Twitter entered

Music synced animation

2015-03-04 06:43:54 by Filarius

Playing around with GameMaker.

There is idea to make music synced animation.

Using midi files as script source.

I already came to demo test, and I found I need find another extractor from midi =( . Last extractor do not show right timing scope.

[WIP] Pixel "noise" generator.

2014-04-24 17:15:58 by Filarius

Maybe you already had to see some of my last submitted arts what was based on my old software for Windows what looks like Game of Life.

Now I remaking my software to be in Flash.  1310267_139840216072_412c20377a3beeed814fe529daaa356a.png

Its still many to do - I just start to learn HaxeFlixel to write Flash apps, and in both i`m new one.

NG music player (first release)

2014-01-22 01:39:53 by Filarius

OK folks, I think now I can share link to player.

Here it is

First release, so some bugs must be. Icons added but it needed to re-parse music portal again to collect it all. Most old tracks do not have custom icons so not big loss if u do not see icon.

Player also must play under Android (do not have anything from Apple to test on it), just there is no mobile version now.

If you have skills in designing web pages you can help me to make this player page look better, I`m pretty bad in this things.